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Elisabetta Antonini

vocal, live electronics


Elisabetta Antonini, a sophisticated singer, as well as a talented composer and arranger is active in the sphere of contemporary jazz. She studied voice and the language of jazz in the US and Italy with some of the international jazz scene's most illustrious names (M. Murphy, B. Harris, N. Winstone, J. Niemack, J. Clayton and B. Stoloff, M.P. De Vito, A. Vitro, R. Treece). Her latest solo album "The Beat Goes On", an original tribute to the Beat Generation, was released in 2014 by Candid Records. Elisabetta Antonini won the 2014 "Best Italian Talent" Top Jazz Award.


Marco Testoni

handpan, percussion, piano


Marco Testoni, founder of Pollock Project, is an unusual percussionist, composer and music supervisor, whose latest solo album Impatiens featured the collaboration of Billy Cobham. With the striking and evocative sound of his set of Caisa drums (new generation metallophones belonging to the same family as the more famous Caribbean steel drums) Marco Testoni has once again brought out the capacity of percussion to fully express a “lyricism of rhythm”, which represents the artistic essence and manifesto of his musical style. Marco Testoni's score for BlackOut won the award for Best Original Song for an Italian Film of the Premio Colonne Sonore 2014 and 2015 Rome Videoclip Award as Best Composer.

Simone Salza

soprano & alto sax, clarinet


Simone Salza's music ranges from classical to jazz, from sound tracks to pop. He has interpreted some of the most moving pieces in Italian cinema as a soloist: notably the theme composed by Nicola Piovani for the 1997 film "Life is Beautiful" (La vita è bella) by Roberto Benigni, which won an Oscar for the “Best Original Dramatic Score”. He has collaborated with musicians and composers such as Ennio Morricone, Franco Piersanti, George Benson, Michael Bublé, Michael Bolton, Pino Daniele, Carmen Consoli and Fiorella Mannoia.



simone salza facebook



Mats Hedberg

true temperament guitars, ebow 


The Swedish guitarist Mats Hedberg,with his intense, ductile style, on 2017 has joined the group permanently.

Mats recorded and performed with the following groups and artists: Elisabeth Cutler (Boston, USA), IKONA duo, with Antono Magli (piano), East meets West duo Mats gtrs,Sanjay Kansa Banik Tablas. Hepoka Quartet Mats Hedberg gtrs, Sanjay Kansa Banik (tablas), Andrea Polinelli (soprano sax, flute), Carmine Iuvone (bass). Neapolitan Contamination ‘Syncretismi’
Stockholm vs Napoli Mats Hedberg & Giovanni Imparato. Marco Testoni & Hang Camera.

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