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Pollock Project is an open ensemble both musical and visual. It's a kind of artistic container that we like to call "art-jazz", in which contemporary jazz, improvisation, the visual arts and electronics coexists.


We collaborate with painters, videomakers, photographers, graphic designers, architects and digital artists such as: Antonia Carmi, Victor Enrich, Istvan Horkay, Mark Street, NEM - New Era Museum, Andrea Bigiarini, Dilshad Corleone, Giulia Baita, Alex Visage, Roger Guetta, Dieter Gabel, Manuela Matos Montero, Lorenzo Botticelli, Marco Sfanto Testoni, Nicola Bertasi, Melissa Varela, Marco Bacci, Manuel Zarpellon and Giorgia Lorenzato who represent the visual counterpart of our music.


A painting tecnique might be transposed into music or vice versa and through this dialogue between the arts we always try to obtain something unexpected and visionary.

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